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  • QuentinK6 commented on jm31181's instructable Boomcase Mimic
    Boomcase Mimic

    So I am hoping people are still following this thread: I am interested in doing a boomcase, but really unsure about the power requirements. What I intend to do is mount up to 6 speakers, as well as an aftermarket 1-din head unit from Sony, Alpine etc. so that I can use the bluetooth and/or disc drive for tunes: I may also require a powered amp in order to handle the multiple speakers. The thought is that the boomcase would be plugged in to a standard wall socket, but because I want to use an automobile stereo, that I should require a converter?? I found a 12 Amp Variable Linear Regulated Home Lab Benchtop AC-DC Power Converter; would this put me on the right path? looking forward to any comments :D

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