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  • Fusion 360 CAM for CNC Beginners

    So I have already downloaded PlanetCNC (its Mac and PC so really like that) and I'm in the process of setting it up with my Fusion 360 workflow and the Laguna CNC mill I purchased, but I saw this video that uses Easel software and wondered if I should re-consider PlanetCNC? can you offer any feedback on this topic?

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  • QuentinK6 commented on jm31181's instructable Boomcase Mimic
    Boomcase Mimic

    So I am hoping people are still following this thread: I am interested in doing a boomcase, but really unsure about the power requirements. What I intend to do is mount up to 6 speakers, as well as an aftermarket 1-din head unit from Sony, Alpine etc. so that I can use the bluetooth and/or disc drive for tunes: I may also require a powered amp in order to handle the multiple speakers. The thought is that the boomcase would be plugged in to a standard wall socket, but because I want to use an automobile stereo, that I should require a converter?? I found a 12 Amp Variable Linear Regulated Home Lab Benchtop AC-DC Power Converter; would this put me on the right path? looking forward to any comments :D

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