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  • RafaelS122 made the instructable WiFi RFID Reader3 years ago
    WiFi RFID Reader

    Hi, thanks for this project! It's exactly what i was looking for.I'm uploading the sketch and everything is fine. But after the serial message: "....WiFi connectedReady!===============Scan for Card and print UID:"It don't print the UID card from my tags!I'm using Arduino IDE 1.6.4I tried to change gpio RST and SS but nothing happen!There's anyway i can test my SPI connections?I'm using an ESP-07RST = GPIO15 and 5 SDA(SS) = GPIO2 and 4MOSI = GPIO13MISO = GPIO12SCK = GPIO14GND = GND3.3V = 3.3VThank you JOrgen

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