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  • For a cheap and available source of nickel, if you don't mind breaking the law check the composition of coins in your local currency.

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  • I have an older style milwaukee and I just put the handle in the vice and use a clamp on the trigger.

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  • Thanks for the reply. I was thinking a sensor with a wider tolerance could theoretically be left on the bike while riding for tuning/troubleshooting/curiosity purposes. To achieve a more accurate resolution from a wider range sensor, I suppose one could impose a lower analog voltage reference maybe?

    I'm planning on making this, but have a few questions. What changes would you recommend for the PCB? And does the vacuum ever exceed the tolerance of the sensor? Based on an analog gauge that typically goes down to -30 psi (-105kpa), maybe a MPXV6115V sensor might give a bit more range.

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  • I made one of the years ago with an air conditioner compressor (which I believe is actually a bit bigger than a fridge compressor). It works great. It's quiet and the CFM is actually pretty good, only a bit slower than the original compressor it replaced which I believe was 4.6 CFM. I've heard they can run a lot higher pressure than a typical compressor. I have also heard that they don't last very long because when the compressor is in its intended device, the refrigerant it cycles lubricates it. Every now and then I'll dump a bit of oil down the air intake to compensate. Because of this, the compressed air it produces might be a bit dirty and could affect things like painting (but could be better for air tools?), but for general use, its fine.

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