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I’m a USPTA certified tennis pro from Reno, Nevada who makes a living teaching tennis professionally. I consider myself the luckiest person on earth.
  • How to go from being an average to competitive table tennis player

    It is amazing how similar tennis and table tennis are. Just reading through your article I could apply much of it, such as the spins and how to handle shots, to tennis. You may find the same going through the tennis guides I enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Randy

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  • How to Hit Basic Groundstrokes in Tennis

    Awesome job with the tutorial. On TV we see the pros hitting forehands from different stances. When starting out it is a good idea to learn the neutral stance forehand so that you can develop sound fundamentals when striking through the ball and transferring your body weight forward. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Randy

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  • How to Serve a Tennis Ball (for righties)

    Great work putting a serve framework together. Many athletes go through a ritual of bouncing the ball to find a sense of comfort and rhythm prior to serving. There are many pro tips listed here and you can find additional detail at to improve your serve. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Randy

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  • Randy_Reynolds commented on JoeMurphy's instructable Tennis Grande3 years ago
    Tennis Grande

    I love the creativity. One thing that may help the big hitters is selecting the proper grips for each tennis stroke so you give yourself a solid foundation to develop consistency and confidence. Check out the guide and if it doesn't work then upgrade to 4 courts :). Cheers, Randy

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  • Water-Balloon Tennis! 2012's newest summer sport!

    So many ways to have fun! In our 10 & Under Tennis class we blow up balloons so kids can find success rallying. Check out the program we should mix up some water balloons for added fun! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Randy

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