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  • RichM5 commented on MakrToolbox's instructable Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank2 years ago
    Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank

    I did something similar recently, 12 18650s in four triplets, no speakers or BT module. Gives something close to 30000mAh, takes forever to charge, but forever to run down, too.

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  • RichM5 commented on kludge77's instructable Mosquito in Amber Prop Replica2 years ago
    Mosquito in Amber Prop Replica

    I would just bake mine in an oven. Don't set the temp high or you'll brown the insect, but something around 225-250F ought to drive off all water in a few hours. For a big and expensive project, I'd probably bake at 200-225F for a longer amount of time, reduces the risks at the cost of more time.

    Also, it might be my bad memory, but I recall Hammond's cane in the movie having quite a few inclusions and defects, mostly looked like tiny specks of dirt. I would try to replicate that, at least a little bit. Perfection is boring!

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  • RichM5 commented on Adam Gabbert's instructable Secret Compartment Floating Shelf2 years ago
    Secret Compartment Floating Shelf

    Good enough for the girls I go out with? Could you loan me some tap water?Nice 'ible, I may have to adapt the design to my sense of decor and try this out myself!

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  • RichM5 commented on ASCAS's instructable DIY Tough Bluetooth Boombox (Lasts 20hrs!)2 years ago
    DIY Tough Bluetooth Boombox (Lasts 20hrs!)

    Your buzzing sound was your floating ground. Get a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) and drop it in, problem solved. It basically just isolates your audio output from your noisy ground plane a little better. Alternately, you can go back in and decouple your ground plane better in your circuits, same difference.

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  • Low Cost Reliable & Powerfull Laser Engraver

    Expect it to run from 0$ to 200$ or more, depending on what parts you already have. Sorry I can't give a better number, but some folks have easier access to parts. 200$ would get a very nice setup, from nothing.

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  • RichM5 commented on kludge77's instructable Gummy Bear Axe3 years ago
    Gummy Bear Axe

    My "Hello Kitty" BATTLE rifle, PLZ. Also, the luscious rich pink color fills my enemies with confusion and love while I fill them with high velocity lead fragments. Full win across the board.

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  • RichM5 commented on IamKrAzE's instructable DIY Helmet Cam for CHEAP3 years ago
    DIY Helmet Cam for CHEAP

    This video has been removed by the user.

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  • RichM5 commented on Nematic!'s instructable DIY Power Bank ?3 years ago
    DIY Power Bank ?

    Nice work, I've been thinking about turning a large pile of excess 18650s I have into new guts for an old powerbank. Nice to see it already done. I'm going to use an aluminum project enclosure (and very careful isolation/shielding) to make mine a little more robust.Thanks, good 'ible!

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