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  • Laser Cutting Table - The Better Version

    Hey...great idea. I write for a trade publication called Awards and Engraving (A and E) which is aimed at awards and engraving shops. I provide monthly laser engraving articles and I am presently doing an article on laser cutting tables. I would love to share innovative and inexpensive ways of making your own laser cutting table. And I am happy I stumbled onto this page.Please contact me at rkorbyl@columbia-awards.comI look forward to talking with you.Regards,Richard KorbylColumbia AwardsCanada

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  • RichardK104 commented on Claptrap's instructable CO2 Laser Honeycomb Table Replacement2 years ago
    CO2 Laser Honeycomb Table Replacement

    I love your creative idea! Do you think you could contact me at I write for the magazine publication, Awards and Engraving (A and E) where I provide laser engraving articles. I am presently doing an article on laser cutting tables and some alternatives to the pre-made (and expensive) cutting tables. rkorbyl@columbia-awards.comRichard KorbylColumbia AwardsCanada

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