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  • RobM114 commented on CovMakerDad's instructable Use The Right Bit For Your Screw3 years ago
    Use The Right Bit For Your Screw

    It's good to distinguish between Philips (bottom left of the four) and Posidriv screws (top right of the four above). Many people just say "cross-point" and think that they're the same, but they aren't. Getting the right driver for the screw will make your screwdrivers last longer and make it less likely that you will chew up screw heads. Posidrive are better than Philips IMO as they don't "cam out" as much. I don't think that Philips drivers are designed to cam out when high torque levels are reached, it's just a flaw in the design.

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  • Vintage BSA Scorpion pistol_ Strip down guide.

    Excellent guide, thanks! These are classic air pistols and in my experience are more powerful than the HW45, not to mention better looking. The first airgun I ever shot was a BSA Scorpion, I won that very airgun now and cherish it. Did you know that BSA Scorpions were used as props in the Bond film "Octopussy"? :)

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