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  • RobertH44 commented on ddavis662's instructable Wind Generator Design #42 years ago
     Wind Generator Design #4

    I like this project. I wonder if it would be possible to make one strong enough to run in a 50 to 80 mph santa ana wind?

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  • RobertH44 commented on wartellc's instructable Homemade Fire Piston3 years ago
    Homemade Fire Piston

    A 9v battery is good -until it goes dead. On the other hand, if you are stranded out in the wilderness in a vehicle, you can start a fire with the car battery and any light bulb from the vehicle or even a piece of steel connected in series with the battery using any conductor of sufficient length. You have to use caution though, shorted batteries (even 9v)can overheat rapidly when used this way and can explode.

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