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  • RoboCan commented on gracek27's instructable Amazing Life Hacks For Lazy People2 years ago
    Amazing Life Hacks For Lazy People

    I do like the waterproof shoe!You may want to add in coloured wax but be careful test 1st. I like the short cut CNTRL+ Me, This is handy to be reacquainted with these short cuts. Chips great idea. Please keep tuned in forMy how to make smoke and fire!Eat your heart out Les Strouds

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  • RoboCan commented on Carleyy's instructable 13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer2 years ago
    13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer

    Used as a mic for singing. Great for Cooling Hot Nuts. Heat source for Shrink Wrap. Heat you up in the man cave. Dry Hockey Equipment. Dryer for your wet papers. Put my kids ta bed. Iron your clothes. Warm up the Dog House. Dry your socks. Whitening your Teeth. Paint dryer. Bellows for a fire. Redirect smoke. Heat up the toilet seat. Used as a background for a At Work telephone call. Dry out the fridge. Defrost the Freezer. Warm up your Coffee. Gift. Popping Balloons. I can remember when Hair Dryers sucked!Can you think of where you chose to use a Hair Dryer?: )Steve Nothin better ta do…Goodnight

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  • RoboCan commented on thorssoli's instructable Encase Your Friends in Carbonite2 years ago
    Encase Your Friends in Carbonite

    I also like this instructable!Jenny you have very beautiful pores. And a glowing persona!Thorssoli, you have a lovely assistant. It has been years gone by apparently? What is Jenny doing now days?

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  • How to make a lithium battery for an electric bicycle

    I have a STEALTH a 60 volt 20+ Ah I am hoping to use the new battery pack to get extra miles/ kilometres on to my eBike. Can you explain what inventory I need to gather ?QUESTION 1. why not lay all the batteries down connect solder them to a sheet then flip it solder to next sheet? Sheet of knickel

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