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  • RonC100 commented on randofo's instructable DIY Guitar Pedal2 years ago
    DIY Guitar Pedal

    That doesn't matter. If you put this on a pedal board, you'd want the input and output jacks to be uniform.

    It's not about "warm (not worm) and fuzzy". It's about uniformity with other pedals... obviously you can swap the jack positions but I was wondering if he had a reason for his decision.

    Okay. Just wondering if you had a specific reason. Anyone who follows this might not figure that out until after they have built it, so I wanted to ask and bring that up in case anyone else might be building this to work with other pedals in an effects chain.

    Interesting that you put the input on the left and output on the right. All three pedals I'm currently using (TC Electronics Polytune, MXR Variphase, Exotic XW-1 Wah) all have their inputs on the right and outputs on the left. Your design would screw up the pattern, at least in my case. Any reason you went that way?

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