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  • How to make a 20 dollar bill turn into the twin towers falling

    How long do you think it would take to pull this off? It took several years of planning and prep work. The full sequence of events is depicted in order from the $5 to the $100, not just the $20. It took several years of preparation to rig those buildings to implode so perfectly. The planes were just used to hide the fact that it was the govt. Do you know about the third building? Not many do. It was a couple blocks away and fell in the exact some way without any plane hitting it. But it housed al the documents that were being investigated when it was found that a certain agency couldn't account for about $9 trillion! The evidence had to be destroyed.

    If you really want to get into the conspiracy theory do the exact same thing with a $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. You will see, in progressive order from the $5 to the $100, a tranquil setting, the crash, the buildings burning, the buildings collapsing, then lastly no building, just a faint trail of smoke. Coincidence that the sequence can be produced by folding a series of bills, all the same way in progressive order?

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  • RussL11 commented on dwaynerbear's instructable Mitre Saw Station2 years ago
    Mitre Saw Station

    I love your ideas and how used pratical applications to build it without getting caught up in intricate joinery. As I progressed through the article I saw one major change that I would implement that would dramatically increase your usable work space if I was building it. Instead of building the additional drawers and cabinets on top of the mitre bench I would have left the entire work top exposed as a usuable workbench and then installed that top section about 3ft above & attached it to the wall. But if you don't need that additional surface area what you have is great and very attractive! Great Job!

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