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  • If you look underneath the advance lever, there is a small lever just to the left of the 10-second mark. Push that to the left, and you should be able to shoot. I used my camera for many years without this happening, and then it happened again just a couple of days ago. I love this camera, and fortunately Walgreens finishes the film (I have never done this myself) and will put the pix on a disk. I have a pretty good digital, but still like the flexibility of lenses and filters with the A-1. Hope this works for you.

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  • Please pay no mind! I found the problem. Somehow the "lock" under the advance lever was in the lock position.

    I have used my A-1 for many years--still love it. However, suddenly, it does not shoot. The button will depress, but it will not work the shutter. I replaced the battery, still no action. Is there something I have done to lock it? (It is not in the lock position). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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