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  • You would need to use a Spectrual Plast that changes to a colour when heated. Standard thermochromic inks show off the opposite effect. You will need to order this product via email as it is custom. Please contact the technical department at SFXC.

    Would a 47C ink be okay?Thank youOliver

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  • Start with a standard base colour (of your choice). Add the thermochromic pigment.This will alter the colour.Once the thermochromic pigments within the solution change colour, the original base colour will return.If you add a blue thermochromic ink to a standard magenta ink it will appeaer purple. Heat it up and the blue thermochromic pigments will loose thier colour and the coating will turn magenta.I hope this makes sense?Thank youOliver

    Thank you for your question nic.bryan.73This type of application is a popular one. We supply companies with thermochromic inks at certain temperatures. The companies then add the thermochromic inks to the solution within medical machinery to visualize changes in temperature. For example: A blood transfusion machine.... Blood must maintain certain temperatures. What temperature would you like the change to take place? Kind regardsOllie

    Thank you :) Its my first time on here. I'm really enjoying this.

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  • Its best to buy the screen printing ink ready made because of the screen printing inks that change colour in the sun are even better!Thanks Ollie

    Yes, you can. It looks amazing!

    For this you will need to mill the free flowing powder in with the carrier. So yes, this can be done :) Have fun

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  • Oops, just joined Instructables. Just getting used to it. Please see my answer in the comments below. Thank you for getting involved. I am here to help. I have looked at your section and love what you do. Thanks, Oliver from SFXC

    Thank you for your question.You can also use a largish mortar and pestle for small batches. When making large batches I use a 'low shear mixer'. I really enjoy using a Glass Muller for small batches.Kind regardsOliver

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  • Can somebody please help me do this. I don't mind paying. I have tried to take this on but have hit a dead end....

    I would like to add this to the blog on

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