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  • SPLatManOz commented on Hyper_Ion's instructable Real Laser Arm Cannon From Metroid! 8 months ago
    Real Laser Arm Cannon From Metroid!

    I have grown tired of telling off irresponsible kids who post projects with 2.5W lasers on Instructables. One stray reflection off a window and someone could blind themselves.

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  • SPLatManOz followed SebbeB11 year ago
      • BoseBUILD Levitating Base
      • Bose Base Drop
  • SPLatManOz commented on geotek's instructable Harvesting Electronic Components1 year ago
    Harvesting Electronic Components

    You could make yourself a binary adder. Two relays per bit.

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  • SPLatManOz commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Zoetrope Fidget Spinner1 year ago
    Zoetrope Fidget Spinner

    I squirt some WD40 into a small container and soak the bearing in that for an hour or so. No need to remove the seal.Bearings are dirt cheap on eBay.

    Excellent. Well done, and well written.

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  • 3D Printable USB Air Purifier / Fumes Extractor

    This seems the right place to post a warning: There is someone selling fake activated charcoal filters on eBay. Example: The headline/description ends in a weird character. Whoever is doing it has tons of listings under different accounts with different ending characters.These are much larger than the genuine 13cm square ones. I bought some, got suspicious and tried to measure their electrical resistance (carbon will conduct, in fact the filter pads can be used as crude weight sensors - compressing it reduces its resistance). No conduction at all in the fakes.

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  • SPLatManOz commented on Alex_chu's instructable How to use OLED display arduino module2 years ago
    How to use OLED display arduino module

    I had the same problem, and fixed it by grounding CS.CS means "chip select". It is a line used to select or activate one chip/module out of maybe several. In this module it should really be named CS- or CS*, meaning it is asserted when /low/.If it is left open its state will be indeterminate, and very likely alternating between low and hi as it is affected by ambient electrical fields. Connecting it to ground makes the display permanently selected and respond properly to everything else.

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  • SPLatManOz commented on geekrex's instructable $5 Powerful DIY Fume Extractor 2 years ago
    $5 Powerful DIY Fume Extractor

    A word of caution: You can buy the filter material off eBay very cheaply. But DO NOT buy the one decribed as "10PCS Black Square Universal Activated Carbon Foam Sponge Air Filter Pads Set X" where X is an appended character (alphabetic or symbol), and quoted as quite large ("Approx size:500mm x 120mm x 20mm"). I bought some and it is NOT carbon impregnated. It is just plain old black foam. I had a real Battle Royal with that vendor, who lists it dozens of times.I did buy some 13x13cm, and it was good. It's now stopping ABS fumes from leaking out of my 3D printer enclosure. way to test is with an ohmmeter. Genuine carbon exhibits conductivity. The resisance changes with pressure.

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  • 68 Ways to Reuse Old Prescription Medicine Bottles

    Tips for getting the labels off: 1. Heat the adhesive to around body temperature, either gently with a hair dryer or by filling the bottle with hot water. 2. Peel it off slowly, giving the adhesive time to release.

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