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  • SZSTUDIO52 commented on jerdreich8's instructable Simply Reuse Stratasys Build Trays9 months ago
    Simply Reuse Stratasys Build Trays

    My engineers have found that if you lightly sand off the pattern on the top of the plate with rough sandpaper the entire part will pop off. You don't need to sand much, the grid lines are still very visible, just take the pattern off the surface.It seems to be the surface that makes the raft stick permanently.This method works well with parts that have a smaller footprint, but we usually use the virgin trays if we have a large flat surface covering the tray as the corners will slightly curl up on the sanded plate.If the part begins to come loose during the print, use a course grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface a bit

    I have also found you can pop off the support raft while the plate is hot (or I put the tray under the build platform to heat it up a bit. Bend the plate over your knee till the support raft starts to pop off. If you can get it started and it is still stuck, use a painters pallet knife (very thin and flexible) to pop it off the rest of the way.Then you can remove the model material initial "stick" by using a razor blade held almost parallel to the tray. This is easy to remove as it is just sparse lines.

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  • From old Tourist Map to Gift Bag / De mapa viejo a bolsa de regalo

    I've used old blueprints for these. Reinforce the handles since the blueprints can be thinner than the map paper.Cute idea for an engineer's gift.

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  • SZSTUDIO52 commented on kavka08's instructable bojagi the korean traditional wrapping3 years ago
    bojagi the korean traditional wrapping

    This works great with a pretty table cloth around a larger box. To 'square up' rectangular cloths, fold a large pleat to shorten the long side.Great for mother-in-law and wedding gifts. The large box does not have to contain a large present. I have even put a check inside, just to use the table cloth as wrapping.

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