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  • SamG129 commented on MacGyver9's instructable Improving Your Thermacell5 months ago
    Improving Your Thermacell

    Appreciate the author taking the time to make such a decent guide. I was simply Googling to see if there were any refillable Thermacell cartridges even existed, and found this, not to mention, I never considered recoating the pads. Going to try that as well, but add in a little bee propolis and steal some catnip from my cats garden and make catnip oil, as mosquitoes hate catnip, adding that to the recipe for the Thermacell pads.. I have a couple handheld creme brulee torches that don't work properly, I'll harvest and repurpose the Butane refill plug, rather than buy a pencil torch, everything else I have, including at least one pencil torches if needed ;)Again, thank you for this guide. very helpful.

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