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  • SarahL110 commented on jdfnola's instructable DIY PLYWOOD FLOORS2 years ago

    be glad you didn't try sealing and painting the subfloor... it does NOT work well if you have ANY kind of traffic. We did that when in a fit of allgery-exacerbated frustration I ripped all my carpeting out. (35 year old carpet that was in the house when we bought it... I swear no one living in farm counrty should have carpet lol) I used garage floor paint and sealed it (this was before having three dogs) it's worn horribly.

    I'm about to do this to my entire house. Everything has been purchased and i'm ready to go...except... I have dogs. Three of them. My home is an open concept floorplan so most of the house is like one big floor... not condusive to keeping dogs from rooms for any real length of time. I plan to cut the sheets of plywood into slats (for a more "hardwood" look and stain before installing... can I do this with the polyurethane also?

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