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  • Scott503 commented on Scott503's instructable Secret Bookcase TV
    Secret Bookcase TV

    My first modication would definitely be a secret lock. But I've thought about a motor too - would be awesome. The issue is that some of the joints today are fairly tight. The center filler really has to be "snapped" into place. To motorize it I'd have to leave more clearance space, which would be a more visible gap. And since I did solid wood construction (instead of edge-banded plywood), the pieces will expand quite a bit from winter to summer. The clearance I'd have to leave to make a motor work in the summer would be unsightly when the wood shrank in winter. Would welcome any ideas though on how to do this.

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  • Scott503 commented on makendo's instructable Secret Door Bookcase
    Secret Door Bookcase

    I used your plans to make my own - little different since I was hiding a TV, not a secret room. Thanks for all your great ideas!

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