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  • Roubo-Style Workbench

    1. They don't need to be through holes but do you really want dust and other things falling inside and blocking your dogs?2. There's many different types of hold fasts, hooks, and clamps for different purposes, though if you need something to hold work down, and not just hold it in place, then you need a through-hole. That being said, most of the work you do on wood is likely pushing it down or sideways, not up, so a sideways-clamping device is probably fine. The steel holdfast I made here is an invention of an older time when making anything with working threads was an expensive undertaking.3. I have the same things happening with my vise, and the dog that came on the vise serves no purpose. That's okay because my fat brass ones work better anyway.

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  • Scotttland commented on Scotttland's instructable Repairing Split Wood

    Sawdust and glue are fine for covering finish nails, but as a filler it is prone to shrink, crack, and not match great or absorb finishes.

    That's great advice, I've actually switched to using epoxy.

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  • Scotttland commented on Scotttland's instructable Repairing Split Wood

    There's nothing to clamp. It was a crack, not a split. The piece was not flexible.

    No. That's why I called it my "grandmother's kitchen", not "my kitchen." And even if I did live with Grandmother, so what?

    If you look at my workbench instructable, that's what I did for part of my leg vise. It works fine. Tough on a chisel but chisels can be sharpened.

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  • It will clog the teeth, a hole saw doesn't have a way to remove the wasted wood so it can clog, bind, and burn the wood. If you can't drill relief holes then you need to make shallow pecks with the saw and back-out regularly to allow the sawdust to clear.

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