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  • Shupedewoop commented on ibenkos's instructable EMP generator

    i would use something thin but not too thin, try 26 guage

    It works by charging up the capacitor then releasing all the stored power in one short burst

    false, the energy released from this is and can only be a electro magnetic pulse,pumping more power into a microwave wouldnt give you the amount of radiation, so why would this do that, and its not even on the spectrum related to radiation

    To all asking about gauge of wire, try something around 26 thats what i did, i also made a massive coil though

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  • Shupedewoop commented on Jewson's instructable EMP generator

    Higher power=Higher range in the emp field, I used a boost converter, taser and a capacitor. The boost converter is something that turns a small amount of power into a large amount of power, the capacitor stores energy, and the taser provides tons of momentary power.

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