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  • SiDawg commented on electronics for everyone's instructable Motion Activated Stairs1 year ago
    Motion Activated Stairs

    "Yes, I know what you're thinking" - That it looks like a scene from the excorsist? lol but yeah, awesome idea :)

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  • How to Make a Modern Metal & Wood Sectional

    I'd title it "...Sectional Sofa" not just sectional... Sectional is a general word not limited to sofas. But I guess it's clear from context what you meant :) Maybe i'm just pedantic!

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  • SiDawg commented on Sverd Industries's instructable No Pump Automatic Watering!2 years ago
    No Pump Automatic Watering!

    yeah that could work! I guess would be tricky to compensate for the fluctuating weight of the water though, especially as the moisture sensors only check one bit of the soil... and are sensitive to "density" i.e. if i push the soil around my sensor i get different levels, or if i bump it so it's kinda loose in the soil... so the weight of the water wouldn't accurately correspond to the moisture level being read

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  • 3D Scanning Yourself in High Resolution With a Camera

    Find a large 3d printer, or split it in to parts

    You can import STL files in to Pepakura... so yes I would say so

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  • Use Sublime Text 2 to Replace Arduino IDE

    I concur. I you have to select "arduino-like IDE" to get the Arduino menu item... there was another package in there just called "Arduino"... god knows what i just installed!

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  • SiDawg commented on SimonM83's instructable Improved Arduino Rotary Encoder Reading2 years ago
    Improved Arduino Rotary Encoder Reading

    Thanks Simon! Great work. Works perfectly. For others reading: I did make a few changes. I added two 100nF caps i.e. from A to Ground, and B to GroundOn my encoder (cheap aliexpress with switch) A and B are the outside pins: middle pin = GroundI had to lower the buad rate to 9600: was getting nonsense characters on serial monitor.All that aside: works perfectly! No bounce, perfect single steps on every detent no matter how fast I turn (turning manually at least!)

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  • How to Make LEDs Flash to Music With an Arduino

    The thing i'd focus on is "FileNotFound"... Did you do these steps below? Also: I'd try getting rid of spaces in your file name... i.e. rename your file without spaces, and then change your code to use that new "non space" name... Some times things don't like spaces in file names"9. Copy an .mp3 file into the "data" folder of the unzipped BeatWrite folder.10. Open Processing (processing.exe), then open the BeatWrite.pde file in the BeatWrite folder.11. Edit the line of code "song = minim.loadFile("freebird.mp3", 2048);". Instead of using "freebird.mp3", use the filename of your mp3."

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  • SiDawg commented on darthwolf's instructable A Simple Bench Variable Power Supply2 years ago
    A Simple Bench Variable Power Supply

    Nice one! I've been doing a bunch of electronics projects too and think ill go down this route. However (and this may be a bit of a n00b question) what's the difference between a -5V connection and just reversing the polarity of a 5V connection? i.e. if I put a multimeter red to red it would read 5V, if i put it on red to black it would read -5V... if voltage is "potential difference" then it's all relative isn't it? Or for that matter, folks suggesting combining +12v with -12 v... if you had two pairs of red/black +12V, could you not just "patch" from red to black and get +24V from the remaining terminals?

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