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  • And with that, all my problems were solved! I had to upgrade to your latest scripts, and even then is still said error in calling "config", but i just tried to boot it up a couple of times, and suddenly it worked. Now to make af custom case for it. I'm, thinking some form of Cement enclosure, polished and then treated with some clear coating. Thanks a lot for the help!

    Oh, and i dont know if this has any importance to you, but is says the BME280.init has been replaced with BME280.setup.Warning, deprecated API! bme280.init() is replaced by bme280.setup(). It will be removed in the next version. See documentation for details.Status: 0Temp: 21.99Humi: 78.68Moisture: 4Baro: 1003.893Dew: 18.12

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