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  • Ha I don't know if you're joking or serious, but the cats spent the weekend upstairs in the very clean bedrooms. That cleanup shot was well after the dust had settled. A quick kitty bath to clean their paws and they were good and new!

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  • Great tip. I chose not to use that bag pole thing because I simply didn't want to stop and replace the bag every few minutes. It was much easier for me to walk down the length of room and scrape onto the tarps. Then again, I'm 6'3" so I really didn't need to reach that far!

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  • I'm sure either would work well. The point is to the moisten the material so any adhesive loosens and falls away from the drywall with your scraper or whatever. Not too much though! You dont want to moisten the ceiling above the popcorn, just the material :)

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