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  • Missed opportunity on the bacon - Hickory instead of Applewood? ;)Joking aside... this will be made in my home... In fact - in 2 weeks I have an Annual Beer/Bourbon boat event I go to with some buddies - I'll be making this for our trip.

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  • Oh totally... there has also been ongoing research, as it is a heavy metal that is being absorbed through your skin, about limiting exposure.Coin rings are really cool - I would just coat it, if I made it regardless of an allergy, as heavy metal absorption on any level (allergy or not) should be limited.

    So I actually did this when I was in middle school... made a ring from a nickel. Started having headaches - sleeping problems - etc... stopped wearing the ring (cause I noticed it was leaving a mark on my finger) - turned out I was likely being poisoned by it. rings from coins is cool - but please make sure you somehow lacquer or seal it - before you start wearing nickel on your hands etc.

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