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I am a recent Design Grad. My passion is Organic Sustainable design for both residential and commercial applications
  • The Fifth Element Stones Pillar Candle Holders

    Hi BobG : thanks for the response. Any particular species of fir? My older brother doesn't know it yet (lol) but I am going to get him to help with the heavy woodworking when I visit him for Christmas. I don't think the board will even fit in my mini! I am better at the carving and painting.

    Hi BobG49: Your stones look amazing! I am a designer in S.D. CA and specialize in Organic Design. May I ask what Wood did you use?

    BobG49 OMG! So funny you have the same small car issues! I love my Mini but I've had her for a few years, so I'm actually thinking I might go Italian next. I love the Fiats, both sexy and cute! What type of paints did you use, I love the color palette and dimension !

    I just stumbled across this site and these instructions are amazing! Just what I was searching for to make a set of these for myself. If anyone has any tips or tricks to help me before I get started that would be great!

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