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  • Junkyard Radio to Table Radio

    I recycled an AudioVox car radio for use in my one-man repair shop long ago that served me well for ~ 10 years.If I was doing this today, I would probably use the following linked supply instead of a bench power supply, it's efficient and has good specs :

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  •  Unusual Life Hacks Of Super Strong Neodymium Magnet

    One cautionary note: This type of magnet is extremely brittle; the mere act of letting them snap together may break them.The actual magnet is covered with plating to lessen the chance but it is quite thin.

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  • Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery

    Sticking my 10-y/o finger into an empty 110V lamp socket was the kick-off for my life-time career.

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  • How to repair HP dv6 notebook power adapter

    IF, you have a bench vise available, you might try this; mount the case you want to open between the jaws gripping the case from both sides with the front and back seam just outside the jaws.Clamp down on the case quite firmly while watching the seam.Rotate the case to an end or the other side, clamp down again.It normally takes me about 5-7 minutes to open the seam enough to pry the remaining stretch apart and it will normally succeed without more than minor cosmetic damage or less if you have the vise jaws (as I do) provided with partial aluminum covers to avoid getting 'teeth marks' on the clamped object.Using this method on plastic case for years with very few losses.

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  • How to salvage a DVD Drive For Free Parts

    <grin> Crystal set at 11, scrounged cast-off radios from area shops, learned a good bit for two years, discovered opposite sex, shelved electronics for 7-8 years.Spent a life time earning my livelihood in the industry- destruction is an educational tool!

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