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  • Thanks for this! I will definitely be trying these. One thought I had is instead of drizzling the olive oil on is to spritz it on. Our daughter gave us a sprayer to put olive oil in and it works great. I find myself using it lately instead of Pam cooking spray.

    Great idea to shake in a bag!

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  • SusanJ107 commented on hockeyidiot's instructable Lanyard Collage Bag

    This is a great idea! A couple of thoughts I had reading this are: you could make this very sturdy bag by lining it with a fabric of your choosing, even recycling a pair of jeans or a shirt, whatever. The other thought I had was sewing around the top a different piece that ends up being the part you fold over to thread your drawstring through. Anyway, thanks for this fabulous idea.

    Good thought, that kind of goes with my thought of using something as a lining for the bag. The lanyards could be sewn flat onto the fabric being used as the lining!

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