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  • Unfortunately I can't download anything from this link, there is just draw of open hand. After back home I will check I2C adsresses, thats should be easy. Im chemist, no engineer, but this project can be excelent tool for long experiments under controlled conditions. BTW sorry for my english, I know its not perfect :(

    Im confusing, but i can not to comment out line 179 because its already commented " } // end of if ( millis() >= time_millis + ... " Also line 433 is not commented so i can not to remove comment-out (line 433: char Wkg [6];). Im sure that I have third version of your software because on the begginig of the sketch you puted informations about changes. Maybe will be easier if we will comunicate by email: szwojtyla@gmail.comI would like also to show you notes that I get after compilation. Always compilation is completed, but there is a lot of different warnings.RegardsSzymon

    Hi Keith! Here you can find addresses of my clock and EEPROM. Its fine, because software can find them, but there are little bit different than yours.regardsSzymon

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  • SzymonW7 made the instructable DIY Logging Thermometer
    DIY Logging Thermometer

    Hi! Thank you for your commitment. Im testing program you recomend, but the effect is still not good. Maybe it is because of DS3231 instead of DS1307? I attach printscreen, where you can see TXT file. In red circle are data downloaded to SD from EEPROM. As you can see, there is no time and date and the measuerements are identical by next 10 minutes (they shouldn't). But on serial monitor I could see, that program is saving proper data to EEPROM, just during reading, and downloading to EEPROM are some problems...

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  • Hi! farmerkeith! Im suprised that i get an answer :) Its really nice, thank you! If get about changes in the software I added another sensor (DH11) for humidity meuserements. But this is not a problem. Just number of bytes is increasing, but i don't need to write time with seconds, so I can save 3 bytes and add 5 (HH.hh) and read 29 bytes instead of 26 like in your case. But in my case problem exists also in original code (without DH11). If get abut hardware I used DS3231 instead of DS1307. Both have the same EEPROM. Do you think this can be a problem? On monday i should have also DS1307 (im waiting for delivery). Regards, Szymon

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