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  • Tableleg commented on shapespeare's instructable Metric Bread2 years ago
    Metric Bread

    The pushback from machinists is ironic considering they measure everything in thousandths of an inch (or milli-inches as I called them during my brief internship in a machine shop). My teacher/head machinist wasn't as amused as I was. :)

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  • Tableleg commented on SimonH145's instructable Bodyweight Fitness / Calisthenics Gym2 years ago
    Bodyweight Fitness / Calisthenics Gym

    Amazing work! I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time now, and I think your plan is the one I'll use. I'll post pictures when I do. :)You talk in another post about moving the chin-up bar to the middle. I'm having a little problem seeing how you did it. In it's current configuration, does it simply rest in the notches? (In other words, nothing is holding it in place?) How would go about shifting it to the center?Again, I love this. It's like you took the idea right out of my head. Well done!

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