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  • Sci-fi/Star Wars Man Cave Karaoke Home Theater W/Multicolored Lighting Effects

    Awesome job. I always wanted to do this, “had I had the room”. OculumForamen stated my thoughts exactly, star wars is a decent theme but my individual preference would be star trek, or fallout for a more recent genre. Now I know too how to fab the steel beams, MDF, and the in-structure readouts, my specialty. Like nothing more than building displays that serve as a prop and no more. I like the portal on the wall, like to implement one on the floor, it gets to people as that; wow, even there?, how'd you do that?I was in 6 million dollar man's time back then, ‘a kid’, even had the rocket/tune-up station, still have it. Didn't miss many episodes. Look forward to seeing your completed build.

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  • Techhlp commented on bekathwia's instructable Mash Up Arduino Code Samples5 months ago
    Mash Up Arduino Code Samples

    Hi bekathwia, was thinking of a door authentication solution, ‘hobby’ for some time now. I have a membrane just like that except a 12 and not a 16 from a surplus store. Can I use that instead or do we need [A, B, C or D]?

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  • Reusing ribbon cables and connectors for DIY projects

    For a while now Icollected them for any possible parallel work. Like converting a clock radio toa car clock. Junk the transformer, regulate the autos 14.5V to 12V, connectwhere the transformer was to ignition. Regulate 14.5V to 9V, connect where the9V battery was to constant power. Use a much smaller LED display likefrom an old DVD player, use ribbon cable to the display. (The clock radio maybe too big to fit close, use a longer ribbon cable)

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