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  • TelesforoR commented on iPodGuy's instructable The CO2 tank2 years ago
    The CO2 tank

    my question is it dangerous to touch the hose when co2 is flowing through it?

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  • TelesforoR commented on bcrocker1's instructable Dorky Firefighter Fire Extinguisher2 years ago
    Dorky Firefighter Fire Extinguisher

    You said your new well I would suggest you check your notes again I have never herd of a baking soda extinguisher containing sodium bicarbonate for class a fires it is only for liquid and electrical fires abc powder contains mono-ammonium phosphate

    I think you have made an error an abc extinguisher does not contain baking soda all information shows that sodium bicarbonate extinguisher are for class b or c fires only

    I guarantee you if you go to Ansul/First Alert/ sentry or Kidde/ BadgerOr Amerex or any other U.S manf those are the major ones you will never find a class a rated sodium bicarbonate extinguisher if there is one I will eat my hat !!!! ( if threre is one please post it here so that I may see )

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