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  • Raspberry Pi Firewall and Intrusion Detection System

    There is another, newer instructable that does exactly this.

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  • Raspberry Pi4 Firewall

    You are correct... the problem you mentioned with dnsmasq not existing seems to be a result of me first doing this with an older version that had it installed by default. I have adjusted my instructions to now add the install step. The problem with the keepalive file I could not easily fix. Every time I tried to make it downloadable to everyone, it corrupted the file. Not sure why, but I was probably doing something wrong. I ended up correcting this by making it a code snipet you could cut-and-paste. I hope this helps.Thanks!!

    I would imagine this could be done with some changes to the dhcpcd.conf and dnsmasq.conf files (step 5 and 6). I would try not adding the static lines to the dhcpcd.conf file and then not putting the interface into the ‘no-dhcp-interface=‘ line in dnsmasq.donf. Likely more will need to be done, but that should be the bulk of it. I got around this issue by configuring my ISP router to always issue the same IP, and then coding it into the Pi as static.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the time for a video tutorial. These are surprisingly difficult to well and take a lot of effort and time (at least for me)!!Since my ISP does not use PPPoE, I can’t help with that. I would imagine that it would be very possible. I would look for instructions on how to just get a Pi up and running using PPPoE and merge that with these instructions. If you do figure it out, please let us know. I am sure there are others that want to do the same.

    Love this! Glad you are able to build upon it!!!

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