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  • How to Build a Quality Puppet


    Remember to also increase the amount of fabric if you enlarge the pattern.

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  • I'm not sure what dimensions to which you are referring. Remember you need to get the rolly pattern to make this puppet.

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  • The pattern itself is fairly small. I wear a large size glove and my hand is a tight fit in the puppet. However, the nice thing about the pattern is that you can enlarge it to fit your needs.

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  • Reverse engineering anyone else's work by visuals alone is a daunting task. Especially if you've never before built a puppet. For your first puppet, I would recommend a glorified sock puppet from project puppetThat said, here's what I can glean from the images I've seen.The Puppet is made from at least two different material types and a variety of colors. The main fabric is "Minky Sherpa Cuddle White" wich will run you about $12 - $13 per yard. The other fabrics will be a dark tan anti-pill fleece and some felt for the eyes. I can also tell you that the puppet gets its structure and shape from the pattern, or how the fabric is cut, as opposed to a foam base.I can also see that the puppet was sewn by machine.Good luck in your puppet making adventures!

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  • Well, the difference between paper mache and foam is flexibility and breathability. If you want a non-flexible puppet then use paper mache. As to cost, speaker foam only costs about $21 for a 21"x18"x1/2" sheet at Wal-Mart. It's also lightweight and makes the perfect foundation for Muppet style puppets.In regards to having someone building your puppet for you, custom puppets are very expensive. Depending on construction they can cost upwards of $1000.00.To my knowledge, the best source for building your own Muppet style puppet is Project Puppet. No matter what kind of puppet you build, take your time and pay attention to details. By doing so you will have a quality puppet of which you can be proud.

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  • TheLlama commented on jtmcdole's instructable Homemade Mustache Wax

    I also don't use the double boiler method. If you use a very low heat setting and take your time, you won't have any problems. (I also grated the bee's wax for easier handling and faster melt times.)

    So my version is 40% Bee's wax and 60% Coconut oil. I find it a bit easier to apply and still has enough hold for my moustache. For this trial, I used 1oz of wax and 1.5oz of Coconut oil. this gave me 2.5 oz. I used a scale to measure quantities.

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  • I like to use reticulated foam with a density of around 30-35 PPI. If your foam is being covered by fabric, speaker foam works well and is cheaper.

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