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  • ThomasR107 commented on Simon Lewis's instructable Make a USB cable 'power only'3 years ago
    Make a USB cable 'power only'

    I want to make a cable that will run power from a USB charger to a tablet (Nook HD+) that will be about 6 feet long. My friend spends a lot of time in bed, and since the Nook's USB cable is only 2 feet long, that makes things awkward. I found this solution that people suggested to make a "USB charger only" cable, and I wanted to see if you guys think it will work. The idea would be to cut a small USB extension cable in half, and put about six feet of two conductor cable (18 gauge) between them, much less voltage drop than the 24-26 gauge power cord in the cables. Are the 10K pull-up resistors the right value to let the Nook know this is a charger-only cable? Let me know what you think.

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