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  • Timo Repo commented on JRV31's instructable Seimans LGR7631A Laser Pointer3 years ago
    Seimans LGR7631A Laser Pointer

    Let's have a good and wild discussion on this... First, go and buy from eBay a powerful enough laser transmitter, park your bicycle to the side of the street and point your laser into the lens of the speed-trap. Wait some time and you will have the first victim of trap speeding by and camera operated. At the same time, your laser is pointed into the lens... after all, shouldn't there be be at least over-exposure?

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  • Timo Repo commented on Samraat's instructable 9 watt 1200 Lm LED BULB3 years ago
    9 watt 1200 Lm LED BULB

    I have also been experimenting with the LED-strips and old deaf lamps. I was using IP-rated LED-strip (with silicon) and that was a mistake - after 6 months, the silicon was getting dry, cracking and got brown, preventing all light use. Nowadays, I am using LED-strips without silicon.

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  • Timo Repo commented on ThomasVDD's instructable Backlight repair / custom led-strip3 years ago
    Backlight repair / custom led-strip

    Great job! You can probably also use flexible LED-strips if the voltage allows...

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