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Swahili banana ginger cat full of liberated turnips from Uzbekistan.
  • TorgnyN commented on AndresH7's instructable Tiny House on Wheels
    Tiny House on Wheels

    It says all the videos are inaccessible :/

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  • I won't feed anything when it comes to CO2, in a greenhouse low levels would mean I would start a circulation fan or exchange the air in the greenhouse, in the case of mushrooms I would do the same but with high concentrations.Thank you for the guide and your response! This has been very helpful.

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  • The adjustable dripper sounds like the most convenient solution. Not as good if you want to go on vacation and be able to monitor and water over Internet though. I'll think of it :)

    Thank you, I have completely missed this and probably would have continued to do so if you hadn't mentioned it.Since you're a fast responder, I'll dare to ask another one. How moisture sensitive are these sensors and the accompanying electronics? Have you tried it over a period of time? I would imagine they wouldn't handle 99% RH very well and with the morning sun coming that would be a reoccuring situation. Also I was thinking of making a mushroom fruiting chamber to use the system in over the winter when there's nothing in the greenhouse. There you would work with >90% RH constantly. I certainly hope the DHT11 being able to handle it since it's a humidity sensor, but I'm worrid about the far more expensive CO2-sensor. Know anything about it?

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  • Also do anyone have a good idea on individual drip irrigation for up to 10 pots? Individual lines to each pot with a valve is a neccessity unless you do the water cannon thing I saw with a stepper motor the other day, but I don't want to go there. Is there any good solution to this problem?

    Can I use a DHT11 with 2 meter cable without losing accuracy on the readings?

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  • This is a very strange idea to me. One could get a bunch of different chemicals but don't have access to sand? I mean don't you have those playgrounds around where kids play? Those are filled with sand. Beaches. Pine forests. I could think of so many places just within a five minute walk with sand.

    I don't see why you'd do this. The simplest way there is, is pour boiling water into it, some disinfectant and then plain old sand. Shake the bottle for a couple of minutes (do not close the lid/cap entirelly before shaking, that would just result in hot water spraying everywhere) and pour it out. If it is still dirty repeat it and shake longer but usually that's enough.

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