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  • How to Weather Wood FAST (Barnwood Effect)

    Hi there!Do you think that soaking wood in the mixture would also produce the same effect? I'm asking because I would like to use your idea in a small project of mine, but this project also involves polishing a piece of wood until very smooth, and I'd rather not just get rid of the weathered layer.

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  • Treupp commented on Nick Pestano's instructable Light Bulb Terrarium 9 months ago
    Light Bulb Terrarium

    Well done! A question though. Can you please provide more photos of your old terrarium? Especially some close-ups. Thanks!

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  • GamePi XS - the Plug'n'Play Emulation Station

    An amazing project, kudos to you! Got several questions though.1. Can you shed a bit more light on how the controller is wired? What I mean is, how is it recognized by the RPI/Emulation Station?2. Would the RPI still allow the possibility of attaching more controllers? I'm thinking... slightly thicker shell, that would allow for USB ports to be accessible, so that others could plug their controllers to your controller. Thank you!

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  • Treupp commented on HelenaDaydreamer's instructable How to make glow in the dark glass3 years ago
    How to make glow in the dark glass

    Such a great idea! Two things though.1. Would you consider those very dishwasher-safe? I'm not a chemist and I don't know if and how temperature and steam would affect the bond between resin and glass.2. This is more of a suggestion related to point 1. Before rubbing the glass with alcohol, I'd apply some fine grit sandpaper and elbow grease to the bottom of the glass to roughen the surface up a bit. The bond will be stronger this way. ;)

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