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  • How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste

    Wonderful, and thanks NemesisC!Most of the smd device datasheets I have seen state a max of 250C in the reflow oven settings. I have a reflow workstation with adjustable airflow and temp settings, and have to mount a SOT-23 on a DIP breakout adapter. I'm wondering if I need to go up to 370C, so I'll be trying 250C. I think the trick will be to set the airflow at just enough to melt the solder but not strong enough to push the breakout board out of my panavise.I would also like to mod a toaster oven, but do not have a source for used ovens, so if anyone has an article on modding current-ish model toaster ovens, I would really appreciate it. Tia!

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  • TwistOneUp commented on guyfrom7up's instructable The Lucid Dream Machine2 years ago
    The Lucid Dream Machine

    "dose" instead of "those" indicates Chicagoese. And i knows dat as i'm a native chicagoan. So dere.

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