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  • Awesome!! It worked great. The transitions are perfect and everything looks good! The only thing I'd add is to insert a couple more spaces after "Day " on the LCD printout because after the first "Wake up!" you will get "Day p!" since it isn't long enough to overwrite that part of the previous state.Thank you very much for posting this!

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  • Glad to see you added white in your v2 as well as added fades! I'm going to be trying this later this weekend when my RTC arrives.Out of curiosity, how come you didn't use the 5V from the Arduino for the RTC and LCD instead of adding that voltage regulator?

    Sorry- I don't mean for the RGBW strip, but specifically for the RTC and LCD. Wouldn't the 5V output pin on the arduino be enough for those? Isn't that what the voltage regulator is doing, lowering from 12V to 5V for those items?

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