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After moving around Australia and exploring parts of SE Asia, such as Laos and Thailand, Regan Udy has settled back into his home town of Freemantle, Perth, and now owns and manages the local branch of Supercheap Storage – a self storage company, offering a professional and flexible mobile storing service at affordable rates.

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  • UdyRegan commented on RoccoM's instructable Library Build2 months ago
    Library Build

    I am loving how this family loves their books so much that they are able to create a whole room for it! I would be a little freaked out at the number of storage shelves that needed dusting at the end of the day. But if you really enjoy your books and have that many that you could make a room out of it, it certainly would look impressive when all of the books are in!

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  • UdyRegan commented on's instructable Recycled Makeup Desk 2 months ago
    Recycled Makeup Desk

    This is a great starter's DIY project and I can already envision how I can add some extra embellishments to really make it pop! There really are so many awesome ideas on Instructables that makes me want to pull out the tools and get hammering and sawing! The problem is to find more wood in storage that I can play with! Haha!

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  • UdyRegan commented on macgyver603's instructable Build a TV Fish Tank2 months ago
    Build a TV Fish Tank

    Ok, I was expecting some really small retro TV to have been used for this project, but this cabinet console is really quite the bomb! I don't think that it would be very easy to just find a similar console in storage and I think that you're absolutely right to have converted this piece of art into a more amazing piece of art!

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  • How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Winter Storage

    It is important to perform proper storage procedures for your vehicles and electronics to ensure they are still in a good working condition after the season ends. Another alternative is to rent self storage units with a climate control feature that can help maintain the tools and equipment throughout the entire season so you can rest at ease.

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