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  • Vannion commented on solobo's instructable Rope Swing with Monkey's Fist2 years ago
    Rope Swing with Monkey's Fist

    Wow, You know better than the arborist? Did you read nothing? The long term affects of something hanging on a branch are far worse than a bolt in the tree. And as he pointed out it will grow over the bolt, where as the friction will prevent it from growing.

    Again someone who knows more than professional arborist. You going to troll the brain surgeon they're wrong too?

    For anyone who is not an arborisrt that says it's horrible to drill into a tree, stop eating anything with maple syrup..... Also do not use anything made out of wood hypocritical uneducated murders. For example there is tree at my office that has three bolts through it to fix splitting, they are almost grown over. But something causing repative friction will damage the tree each time.

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