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  • VictoriaG54 commented on PaulGetson's instructable Why You Should Make A Mosquito Trap2 years ago
    Why You Should Make A Mosquito Trap

    I live next to acres upon acres of DNR-owned wetlands. How would I get the oil spread over the area? ?

    I'd rather have mosquitoes than wolf spiders in my house. Yikes!

    as posted earlier, I live adjacent to DNR wetlands, in Wisconsin. I've tried several of the commercial traps that run on propane tanks. Theyve cost several hundred dollars each and have only lasted one season each. Perhaps it is due to the abundance of mosquitoes here. (They often get jammed up with mosquitoes and then are unable to pull more in.) I've finally given up doing much outdoors during heavy mosquito hrs. or use sprays and other chemicals if there is a special occasion where we MUST be outdoors (outdoor parties, cookouts near our pond, etc.)

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