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  • How to Change Background Image of Raspbian Loaded Raspberry Pi

    I want to change the wall paper image to one that I have downloaded. When I click on the screen and go to the preferences I can only choose what Raspbian has in the menu. I´ve tried to drag my image file which is a .jpg file as used in the pixel-wallpaper sub folder but it won´t let me. How do I add a jpg file to this sub folder? I do not like the supplied wall paper images that are pre loaded into Raspbian Jessy. I want to use my own, but I do not know how to add a .jpg file to this sub folder. Any ideas???

    Now I´ve lost the desktop preferences when I went to add my own .jpg image to the desktop. How do I get my deskdtop preferences back when I right click the desktop???

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  • wall transformer for project power supply

    If you're measuring 12v. dc on a 9v power supply it's generally an unloaded power that you're measuring. If you put a 9v load on it, it should measure 9v. Hope this helps.

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