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  • WhiteWolfM commented on tomatoskins's instructable 20 Unusual Uses for Shop Tools7 months ago
    20 Unusual Uses for Shop Tools

    What a waste. I always keep some dollar-store nail files (ladies department) about for sanding, and use that to get the tip back. They are good for many other things too!

    I received a spare flex-drive with one of my Dremels and you know, they do not sell spare drive inserts (the piece you put in the chuck to drive the flex-cable) Then I thought, its just a square end on a shaft, and so I carefully ground down a damaged drill bit to put a square end on it (like a Robertson screwdriver head) Works like a charm! (helped a lot to have another one to use as a model...

    To get better suction, you need a smaller hole. Get some scraps of tubing from a plastics shop that fit inside each other, and that will progressively narrow the opening. Glue then together, or for an adjustable one, use bolts in one side of each one as a locking set-screw. Another way, if you want really cheap, is a funnel from a dollar store.Need a disposable end? A toilet-paper or paper towel tube of matching diameter, and fasten with duct tape!

    As I said above, I don't use the shank, but drill a hole through the handle at a right angle to the shaft that will allow you to use a spare old screwdriver slipped into the whole to gain extra leverage. You can press down on the screwdriver head and press on the one thats pushged through the crosswise hole! I did it for all mine, and the plastic socket handles and hex-bits handles too. When you have arthritis, its a wonderful advantage!

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  • WhiteWolfM commented on chrisnotap's instructable Multi Cat Self Filling Water Dispenser8 months ago
    Multi Cat Self Filling Water Dispenser

    Why not use one of the large drink dispenser containers with the 'tap' fitting?Place it in the tub, and fill the tub to submerge the tap fitting. Then unscrew the tap fitting and remove, setting it aside for next refill cycle. You can also put it back on and remove the canister for taking it to the sink for cleaning.This idea hit me as I saw various DIY's... and going to go get one tomorrow to equip unit for sister's two cats (I have one of the cat-disk units that you screw a soda bottle into (using a well-ribbed water bottle so it does not deform before burping)PS: you don't have to buy the expensive camping ones, they do have cheap ones in dollar stores - cheap enough you can throw it away if it peels/cracks/gets damaged.WhiteWolf

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  • DIY shelf above the stove = extra storage in a small kitchen

    One easy way to affix this on the stove without attaching it to the wall, also making it easier to remove for cleaning, is to attach two thin pieces of board that extend downward from the ~back~ of the shelf. You pull the stove out a smidge, slip the shelf into place, and then push the stove back, pinning the 'supports' between stove and wall. Presto. I also added counter shelving in my handicapped apartment by using Walmart wooden shoe racks. Doesn't violate mods to apartment, easily removable for cleaning, but stronger than flimsy plastic ones.

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