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Author: Native American Myths - Song Of The Wolf Star Native American Style Flute Carving
  • Receiving Images From Passing Weather Satellites (NOAA and METEOR M2) Using a Cheap SDR

    I did get pictures from Meteor M2 but they were poor quality. The NOAA came in perfect. I put the antenna above they house today so I hope on the next Meteor pass I can get a cleaner signal. I built the QFH but it didn't work. Got some Aluminum rods today so I can build a sturdier and hopefully better antenna.

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  • White_Wolf commented on More Cowbell's instructable Easy Generator to Home Hook Up3 years ago
    Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

    Thanks! I have an old RV that I'm scrapping and it has a 50amp generator with low hours built in that I wanted to salvage somehow. Living out in the country we have frequent outages during the winter months. So far only short ones. UPS's are okay for an hour or so for our internet work and phones but like my coffee too much! LOLI wanted to find a way to hook it up to the house without energizing the whole electrical panel. I was looking at a second isolated one. This will do the job SAFELEY! Thanks!

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