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  • WillW68 commented on neta soreq's instructable spring heel shoes - 3d print2 years ago
    spring heel shoes - 3d print

    i looked up 3d shoes and found this related to your study of anatomy, neta:"adidas is also relying heavily on ARAMIS – a motion capture software used by NASA to inspect the outer hull of space shuttles – in order to track the gait of runners – and which maps skin, bone and muscle, to one day have the ability to create one-off shoes for customers.“It’s a really versatile tool,” said George Robusti, Senior Design Director of Global Running at adidas, of the ARAMIS system. “The technology enabled us to fine-tune how we approach the functionality of the product. You shouldn’t need to think about the shoe being there"

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      • spring heel shoes - 3d print
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