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  • abbabba commented on Andrew951's instructable Peat Pellet Replacement

    Hi, I would like to object to your advise to use advertising material for this purpose. It is generally not recommended to use glossy printed paper in gardening environment, as it take long time to break down, and water can't seep through easily. News paper is much better for this purpose. The other thing I quite detest, is people referring to soil as "dirt". Soil feeds you, so please show some respect. Dirt is something unwanted and annoying, something you sweep up and discard into rubbish.

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  • Why don't you design your own character for "µ" instead of using the silly "u"? If my memory serves me right, you can design up to 8 custom characters with these LCD displays. Imagine how much more professional would your project look.

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  • Hi Raul. The instructions how to make custom characters are in the LCD data sheets. If you do not have the data sheet at hand, google "how to create custom characters on 16x2 lcd" . Here is one of them to get you started: Good luck. abbabba

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  • Hi Rahul, nice project. I do have some comments to make. Please do not take it personally, as this is for the benefit of those who would like to recreate your device. For the start when you specify temperature accuracy in your specifications, do not put degrees Celsius after the % sign. You either say ± 2 °C, or ± 2 %, but not both. Now to the LCD. You can create your own characters with these displays (I think up 4 off, check the data sheet) so you can make degrees symbol instead of apostrophe. OK and last comment, probably the most important. The use of LEDs without series resistors will most definitely damage your ports on the microcontroller eventualy. Use one resistor around 470 Ω to 1kΩ in series with each LED. Good luck and keep at it. It's fun...

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