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I currently work as a machinist. After several decades on this planet, I have a history. After 20 years in one military branch or another, I have finally retired from the Department of the Army as a Sergeant. Now in another almost 20 years, I can collect my pension from it. I have been all the way around the world in a combination of ships and aircraft and have visited every major continent at least once. My 3 favorites spots are here, Sasebo Japan and Melbourne Australia in that order.
  • actimm commented on Gregarious's instructable Enhanced DeWalt Drill Before And After3 years ago
    Enhanced DeWalt Drill Before And After

    Actually, one or two of those may be able to be applied to my Dewalt Right Angle drill which is dead now. I don't know that I would do an 'able with it, but it is useful information.

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  • Make Your Own Dead-Blow Hammer! | DIY Woodworking Tools #7

    A dead-blow hammer is a hammer or mallet with a medium such as sand or bismuth that moves freely inside of it to reduce or eliminate the recoil that is felt when the head strikes a hard object. In the old days they used to use powdered lead or lead shot, but environmental concerns forced the switch to sand or bismuth. I have both dead-blow hammers and dead-blow mallets here in the machine shop I work in. Basically they make the hammer strike about twice as effective because it doesn't rebound like a regular hammer would. What the author basically did is make a soft face mallet with a transformer as the weight and pine or cedar as the "soft face" material.

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