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  • Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

    spend 1 minute googling the things I said and the things she said. you'll easily find sources that back up some of the claims, and you won't find sources for other claims. Take a guess which category the source I was asking for falls under…

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  • Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

    Nope, still wrong, sorry. TFT is a type of LCD screen. LED typically means LED backlit LCD (but is a terrible name). Both of which will work with this. I have _never_ seen LED screen refer to anything other than LED backlit LCD (well, for monitors at least).OLED (the O is capital) will not work, and is the only display type you listed that every pixel is actually an LED itself.if you want to provide a source saying otherwise, I might believe you, but right now, you're wrong.

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