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If man did not not reinvent the wheel then we woudl all be driving on stone wheels and not have tyres.
  • ahooper commented on borsaci06's instructable DIY Filament Extruder2 years ago
    DIY Filament Extruder

    I seem to be having an issue with the code, not exactly sure what it is but the temperature seems to be really unstable. I checked the thermistor etc and they are all good. Lower temperatures there seem to be no issues however 100 deg C + I get huge spikes in the temperature, where the sensor is reporting correctly but for instance if the analogread returns 1012 I can get a a temperature reported of 230 to 260 odd degrees. In addition if I have run the temperature at 240 degrees I get spikes reporting of 300 degrees reported. then if i turn the temperature back down to say 40 degrees every 10 to 20 cycles the pin controlling the heater triggers resulting in the head not cooling back down.Any ideas?

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